About Haunted Mobile

Haunted Mobile and Mobile Ghosts 1 & 2  In January of 2009, I was contacted by The History Press (Now Arcadia Publishing) about adding the books to their Haunted America line. 

The best haunted house stories from the Mobile Ghosts books were rolled into a new manuscript, edited so I could get them all in, and became Haunted Mobile: Apparitions of the Azalea City. If you've not read my first two books, it's all new to you. HM has one entirely new story, about the Mobile Carnival Museum, and updates on some of the old stories.

The next Mobile Ghosts book: I do expect to write another installment about our local ghosts, but it is on hold for now. 

Do you need stories for the next book? Yes.  

Do they need to be crazy scary? No. If you've read my work, you know that I use stories that range from ver
y gentle and often poignant to some that are really active. 

If I want to contact you about a story, how do I do that? Please email me: elizabeth@mobileghosts.com and include a few details about your haunting. I must be able to talk to someone who has firsthand knowledge of the haunting, since my books are based on first hand accounts. It must be a true story. It can't be an old legend. 

I do not respond to inquiries that just say, "Please call me! I have a story for you!" or "I must talk to you! Please call me!" Take a few minutes and give me some info, if you please.

Do you use real names in your stories? I do not give more than the initials, or sometimes first names, of people in private homes anymore even if they do give me permission.  

In the case of stories where I've interviewed several people, I will give them fictitious names because initials can get confusing. I never give addresses and I always indicate where names have been changed. 

Why did you write these books? I am a ghost fan myself, and I got tired of waiting for someone to write about the ghosts of Mobile!

Are the stories true? The stories are presented to me as true, and I would not use a story that I did not personally believe. I never embellish, add or change any element of a story. I've endeavored to accurately and clearly write the stories as they were given to me, using my interview tapes, notes, and research where possible.

Are your boo
ks suitable for young readers? I write with the awareness that my readers are of all ages, and the stories are not tarted up with gratuitous gory descriptions or fictionalized, scary elements. Comfortable reading for about third grade level and up. My favorite, and most sincerely appreciated, audience.

How many electrical devices have been sacrificed to the cause of documenting Mobile's ghosts? At least two cameras, three or four tape recorders, a digital tape recorder and seven computers. Yes, seven. All these things just fall to pieces, quit working, fry themselves, or go crazy without explanation. And believe me, the people in my house know a lot about computers, and they can't explain it. If lose another one, I'll probably have to use a legal pad and a pencil to finish the next book